Sunday, January 2, 2011

Soda Thoughts

I'm giving up soda for the New Year. It's sort of like New Year's and Lent rolled into one shot. I like these dorky self-improvement holidays. I like the feeling of trying to conquer my perceived weaknesses. Although, I must admit, soda is not a true love of mine...not like chocolate (which I also gave up for a year). No, this is not a love, just an occasional fling that has empty, unnecessary calories. I really do want better health and fitness this year so this is a natural resolution.

So here's the confusion... where do I stop? If I'm giving up soda because I don't want the empty beverage calories, then shouldn't I also give up all juice drinks? I won't give up 100% juice because I find it helpful to grab some in the morning when I'm on the run and can't sit and eat a meal. So it's now soda and drinks that are not 100% juice. But here's the real dilemma... what about hot drinks (i.e. hot chocolate) which are, in my opinion, a necessity in the wintertime? What about them? Do I give those up too?

I think I'll keep the hot chocolate and give that up for the real lent or something like that. Nothing that's too long term. Although I don't drink soda all the time, I don't want to lose my sanity and fail miserably...I have to keep my choco. It is, after all, my true love. =)

Here's hoping it leads to better health and fitness. Happy New Year's Everyone! Drink a soda for me!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where did the year go?

It's hard to believe we are nearing the end of 2010. I can't believe how quickly this year passed. I've definitely let my blog lapse. It seemed a bit inconsequential but I miss it. My kids miss it too. Although they never let on in the past, they enjoyed looking at my blog and seeing the "old" pictures.

When my brother-in-law passed away last month, my kids spent the better part of an afternoon looking at the blog and remembering some of the fun day-to-day events that occured in our life. I think it was therapeutic for them. Memories I would have definitely forgotten were great reminders of our life together. I really don't want to take that for granted... so I will write.

Writing in my blog more often is my New Year's resolution (along with giving up soda for a year and losing a bajillion pounds). I'm not sure this blog will ever be interesting or provocative, but I'm ok with that. My reality is that my life is neither... but it's good.

As an update, we are in the middle of our birthday marathon. Allie turned five yesterday. We did a standard Chuck E. Cheese's party (or as my friend would say "Upchuck E. Cheeses" as it seems someone always winds up sick from going there). Thankfully no one got sick... just a little exhausted and had a near meltdown in the car. Thankfully Allie pulled it together before I had to take a picture to document the moment. Sammy's birthday is next Friday and we are still unsure as to how we will celebrate, I'll try to figure that out tonight. I haven't even started to think about Tommy's (on Jan 12), and poor Bobby (22nd) will again be left with the afterthoughts of a birthday celebration.
That's how we roll here... by the seat of our birthday pants.

More musings, updates, and picts later....

Monday, March 29, 2010

R.I.P. Bob

It's been incredibly busy for us and my blog has been neglected but I felt I needed to take some time and acknowledge a member of our family who was never really invited. Pete acquired "Bob Big Butt" (later known just as "Bob") crayfish during his first science unit in the 4th grade. The teacher had promised us that the crayfish would only live for "two weeks- max"! Three and a half years later, I watched him take his final crawl. I think it's for real this time, I don't think he's molting, he's growing mossy and the snails seem to be closing in for a meal.

We knew he was slowing down. He was not attacking the snails the way he used to. We calculated him to be about 227 years old in crayfish years so it was no surprise when he went belly up this morning. Bob provided much excitement in his tank antics over the years and I want to thank him for providing some excitement in a washed up housewife's life. Hope you enjoy the big fish tank in the sky Bob.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Too Long

I suppose it's been a while since my last post. I was in the throngs of Christmas, the birthday marathon, even a long weekend away with Bobby. I've been busy.

I probably should post picts from the past month, and I will... probably in one long post, but right now I wanted to post a really funny site I came across called This site is really funny and the humor is clean. Here are some of my favorites....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Testing the tech...

I'm posting this from my phone. Cool stuff. Here's hoping it works.
We went to the art museum last week. Matty and I had fun and I have wanted to post this photo from my phone.

Big day tomorrow. Allie is sick and laying on the couch, Sammy has
been intermittently going upstairs to try to fall asleep early so
Christmas will come sooner... so cute. The other kids are biding
their time by watching Spongebob and wearing their Christmas pajamas already.

Busy week and I'm not quite done (late with my cards). Oh well, not
much to do about that now.... Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Play in snow.... check. Now I just need to keep them occupied for the next 12 hours. =)

Monday, November 30, 2009

I Did It!!!!

It wasn't pretty, but I did it. I'm not sure what it proved other than I can post drivel every day for thirty days. I did it though, and cleaned out all the pictures lingering on my desktop too. I can now return to my lower stress, occasional posting lifestyle. I know I said it last year, but I really don't think I can, in good conscience, subject anyone to my daily posts next year. Time will tell though.